THE HAPPY ENDING for a London Escort

It was cold night in London, James was lying on his back on the massage table she had set up. He was completely nude: only a soft, white towel was draped across his crotch and a smaller one over his eyes. He could hear the soft music playing in the background. The sweet smell of vanilla hung in the air. He knew the room was dark, only a few candles placed around it provided a flicker of light. It was the first time he had made use of an London escort service and he took days to decide on the right girl. It turned out she knew a great deal about massage and offered to show him what she knew.

“Hello, James. I will be your masseuse tonight,” she said.
James lifted the towel and peaked at her while she had her back to him looking for the right oils to use. She had long, sexy legs that were covered by her black, thigh-high stockings. She was wearing a red thong(a must have for an London Escort) that dug into her tight, round cheeks. It didn’t look like she was wearing a bra. He placed the towel back over his eyes just as she turned around.
“Tell me if this is too hot,” she said as James felt her rub the hot oil into his legs.
“It’s perfect,” James answered.
She massaged it into his legs, moving up to his thighs. James felt himself stiffen at her firm touch. He tried to keep it down but lost the battle: he could feel the towel lift as his erect cock pushed it up.
“Oooh,” the girl said as she noticed his erection.
“If you don’t mind, I will remove the towel,” she said.
Before he could object, the girl jerked the towel off and tossed it onto the floor. Within seconds he felt her hot hands by his crotch, running it up and down his shaft as it grew even larger in her palms.
“Nice and big,” she said softly.
He felt the whole bed move as she climbed on top of him.
“Open your mouth,” she said.
James obeyed. Within a few seconds she stuffed her panties into his mouth. He could taste her sweet moisture on the underwear. He felt her move her body closer to his crotch, sliding herself up and down his oiled legs. The next moment he felt his stiff shaft enter the girl’s tight pussy as she lowered herself onto his erection.
“Wow,” he mumbled through the material in his mouth.
She took his hands and placed them on her firm breasts as she started riding him. He could feel her nipples get harder at his touch. He felt himself slide in and out of her tight swollen lips as she rode him harder and faster.
“I think I’m going to cum…” he whispered through the material.
“Me too,” she whispered.
Within seconds James felt himself well up and erupted inside the girl, filling her tight hole with his hot cum. The feeling pushed the London escort over the edge as she cried out loudly and convulsed into an intense orgasmic fit as James grabbed her ass and pulled her closer, ramming her hard. He could feel her lips contract around his cock, forcing the last bit of cum from his pulsating cock.
A few seconds later she pulled him out of her ravaged hole and climbed off the table.
“Let’s continue the massage now,” she giggled, her voice still shaky from the explosive orgasm. James had the best experience thanks to this London escort.

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