Great Escort Experience

I’m not usually one to do these sorts of things, and overall I’m rather quiet and timid. My mates even say that I’m too quiet and too timid, and they’re probably right, just judging by my dating track record. I could never quite get it right, despite my finest efforts. I’m working on this dating conundrum, truly, but people still get lonely in between these periods of dates and work. Because I’m an average guy who needs companionship sometimes, just like anyone, I decided to do something I never did before and I hired an escort. This isn’t like me, but it is now because the experience I had really was pretty brilliant.

I live in East London, so I began looking for London escorts, especially those who may offer some sort of exclusive package or deals. Do what you would like with that information, but I wanted to go all-in if I were going to do it. So I contacted this agency and set up an escort in Paddington. She was beautiful and went above and beyond what I expected. We met in public before arranging to head back to my flat. She was gorgeous and worked wonders on my jitters. She seemed to know exactly what to say, and I’ll tell you, she knew exactly what to do as well. I was beyond comfortable with this woman, and she treated me kindly, without rush or judgment. I only hope that she feels the same, or that she wasn’t repulsed at the very least.

Anyway, after we got back to my flat and things began to speed up, she confirmed anything I asked of her. She also made sure that I knew any boundaries and asked if I had any of my own. She was kind and knew exactly what to do and what to say to make the experience very, very pleasant. I never did expect this sort of treatment from an escort, but I suppose I didn’t know what to expect. After everything was said and done, and my time with her was up, we went through the motions and I met my end of the deal. She left and did so discreetly, without stopping to talk to any other person living in my building. This was great because I was still a little weary that my neighbors would think odd of me. She was professional but friendly and pleasing. She was very hygienic and clean and smelled of flowers, which was a wonderful bonus. I had forgotten that she was hired because she did so well with making me feel completely comfortable, it felt just like a real date and less like an arranged, somewhat awkward situation.

I must admit, that I feel a bit slow for never arranging an escort before. I was misinformed about the experience, which is partly why I’m writing this now so that other blokes don’t miss out on some great fun and company. I will absolutely hire this escort service again because my experience was nothing but positive. I’m sure some people struggle with other companies or simply don’t match with their escort, but I can’t imagine having a bad time with it. I recommend this for anyone looking to have some special quality time with a beautiful woman.

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